The Literacy Council of Montgomery County has been in existence since 2007 and...

Get your GED or HiSET (Hight School Equivalency) today!  The Literacy Council of Montgomery County is...

The Literacy Council of Montgomery County provides one-on-one tutoring to adult’s ages 18 and older who are interested in learning to read or to improve their reading skills.

All tutors are trained volunteers. Tutoring is set up to fit the student’s schedule and is done in a private setting, usually the library or a church. All services are free of charge.

Everything is done confidentially to protect the students.

Students are tested to determine their reading level and the educational curriculum is adjusted to the student's needs.

If you or someone you know could use this service, contact the Literacy Council at 573-564-3233 Ext 25 and leave a message. Someone will return your call as soon as possible.

Learn to read a book to your child, learn to read the newspaper, help your children with their homework, learn to read the classified ads, learn to read a job application or learn to read the Internet. Anything and everything is possible.

Volunteer Tutors Needed
The council consists of volunteers in Montgomery County and surrounding areas. Make a difference in another adult's life.
We’ll give you the training you need and the scheduling is flexible!

If you are interested in volunteering in any way or if you would like to make a contribution, please contact the Council at
(573) 564-3233 ext 25.

Help someone learn to read!
The Literacy Council of Montgomery County is funded...

ATTENTION:  The 2017 GED/HiSET Classes begin on Sept 20th at our new location from Noon to 3pm.


English as a Second Language!
The Literacy Council of Montgomery County offers classes for English as...

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Do you know someone who has trouble reading?  ¿Habla Espanol, pero no habla Ingles?  Did you know one out of 8 persons cannot read?  The Literacy Council of Montgomery County can help you read: A book to your child, A newspaper, A Job Application, Help Wanted Ads and more!  We offer:  1-on-1 tutoring to improve your reading, English as a Second Language, GED Preparation Classes, Personal Programs. Plus, all services and materials are free.

Research shows that an adult with one-on-one tutoring can raise his/her reading level two full grades with just 80 hours of tutoring and can increase his earning power over 40%.

English is often a language barrier for persons who have immigrated to the United States, Missouri and even Montgomery County. In an effort to assist this population, the Literacy Council will use local volunteers to set up and coordinate English As A Second Language classes. Contact the Literacy Council today if you would like more information for yourself or someone you know.

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