REad REad REad! 


Help someone learn to read!

General Donations:
The Literacy Council of Montgomery County is funded totally through grants and local contributions. The Council relies on charitable contributions of our community to support the costs of our programs.

Every tax-deductible gift helps transform a life!  The Literacy Council of Montgomery County

depends on gifts from caring individuals and organizations. The financial support touches

people across our community and helps improve the quality of life for them and their families.

Reading is one of the most important skills needed to reach goals adult learners never

thought possible. Invest in the future of individuals and our community.

To Donate:
(Since the Literacy Council is an umbrella under MCCHIP, all checks should be made to “MCCHIP”.)

Mail donations to:
     The Literacy Council of Montgomery County
     400 Salisbury Street
     Montgomery City, MO 63361